Tracy Cox




Treasure hunting in vintage shops for pre-loved items to use as props gives Tracy a starting point for the authenticity her food photography is known for. “Vintage cocktail glasses, slightly faded tablecloths or the time-worn patina on a well-used serving platter have built-in stories that we’ll never hear, but that definitely resonate with viewers.”

Tracy has used her successful career in photography shooting for Canada’s biggest names in food and style as a launchpad for her directing work.

“Adding elements of motion and sound to my workflow for video make it the triple sensory threat it always has been – I wish I’d discovered it earlier in my career.”

Particularly in the springtime, you can look for Tracy wandering down a country road with her recorder in hand taking in the sounds of spring peepers, mourning doves, crickets and maybe a conversation or two. She will always have her camera too.